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Zid Zid is the first language-learning platform that engages teachers, parents, and preschool children to learn
languages together, through project-based activities, songs, storybooks, and new technology.

How We Do It

The best part? Teachers and parents do not need to know the language to guide a child’s experience.

1. Word Power

Sam, our Spanish language expert, begins by introducing vocabulary and pronunciation to the teachers and parents in a video on your desktop, phone or tablet.

2. Storytime

To increase vocabulary retention, we provide age-appropriate stories in Spanish. This story, “Who is Hiding Here?”, is all about colors.

3. Sing Along

Learning songs leads to long-term memory and deep understanding. Every child loves to sing. This song is in Spanish and English and is titled “Red is Rojo.”

4. Hands-On Activities

Multisensory project-based experiences using all five senses strengthen critical thinking, motor skills, imagination, social, and emotional development.


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