Introducing Zid Zid for Schools & Families

Learn another language together, all through play.

How It Works

Play, learn and have fun with your children.

Learn a Language

Acquire words for animals, numbers, colors, and more…

Play Together

Bond over creative activities that stimulate all 5 senses.

Smart Screen Time

Enjoy bilingual story books, songs, and language games.

Play with Languages

There are many benefits, beyond becoming bilingual, to learning another language through real-world play.

Enhance verbal skills

Strengthen motor skills

Improve problem solving

Instill confidence




Sharpen social skills
Morgan Mulvihill
Mother of three

“Our three children loved Zid Zid’s engaging, creative, and fun approach to hands-on learning. As parents, we couldn’t be more excited about the collaborative learning experience that allowed us to engage with the kids in a way where the whole family learned together!”

Learning Languages Is An Asset

Children who speak more than one language outperform their peers in academics, cognitive, emotional, and social areas.

Child & Parent Interplay Is Crucial

Play-based learning and positive interactions with children are an important part of their development and success.

Rosemary Quaranta, M.Ed.
Head of Montessori Lab School and Clinical Faculty Xavier University

“I believe Zid Zid provides what is missing from today’s growing technologies for pre-school children: the collaboration of parent and child, the repetition which leads to long-term memory and deep understanding, and the creative arts integration (visual arts, music, etc.).”

Learning By Doing

Enjoy language-rich playful activities with your child using all 5 senses.

Charlene Butcher
Mom of two

“I was able to experience Zid Zid’s approach with my children. It was fun, interactive, creative, and held their attention, enabling them to absorb a new language.”


Anna Sikora
Mom of two curious tots

“Our entire family loves Zid Zid! The creative language learning experience coupled with colorful activities and an easy-to-use app is just what this busy mom needs to keep everyone inspired.”

Partnerships In Progress

Jennifer Jensen
Head of Lower School at Cincinnati Country Day

“I think Zid Zid is an innovative approach to world language learning and is perfectly aligned with our vision and goals as a progressive school, where play and curiosity are the drivers for knowledge acquisition.”

Who We Are

We are a passionate team of educators, designers, language experts, and technologists driven by the ambition to offer you the best in early childhood education and the best in technology to support your children’s growth in languages and beyond.

What We Believe

It is our belief that children need to play, learn, and grow together with their parents. With Zid Zid, you can learn a new language and much more, as one, with your kids.

What We Do

Zid Zid is the first subscription-based platform designed to empower preschool children, together with their parents and teachers, to discover a language all through real-world play and on-screen activities.

When Will It Be Live

Currently, Zid Zid is in a late stage of development, but we cannot provide a specific release date. Feel free to sign up for early access to be among the first to experience Zid Zid.

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