Elevate Your Enrichment Programs with Zid Zid

The only play-based learning platform that gives preschool educators the tools and confidence to teach high-quality enrichment programs.

Zid Zid's Joy of Learning   

Exciting programs just a click away!

  • Focus on creativity

    Experimental art nurture a child's ability to create, imagine, and live magic.

  • Step into the garden

    Nature's joy inspires kids to care for the Earth and learn gardening.

  • Speak other languages

    Learning languages expands a child's world, empathy, and thinking.

  • Be flexible and mindful

    Yoga fosters a child's physical, social, and emotional growth.

Trusted by The Best

Whether progressive, traditional, Montessori, Head Start, or after-school, Zid Zid seamlessly integrates into your childcare program.

3,000+Teachers Empowered & 15,000+Students Impacted
  • The Goddard School
  • The YMCA
  • Xavier University
  • Dayton Public Schools
  • Georgetown Hill Early School
  • Little Shepherd's Learning Center
  • Head Start
  • The YWCA of Northwest Ohio

Better than Traditional Methods

• No more hiring of specialized teachers.

• No more relying on random online materials.

• No more outsourcing in-person services.

   Zid Zid beats all these options!

Boost Your Ranking & Reputation

Zid Zid will help your organization stand out as a beacon of excellence in your community. Embrace the Zid Zid way and watch your school's ranking and reputation soar!

Handy Resources

Unlock a world of possibilities with easy-to-implement programs that were previously out of reach.

Watch Zid Zid in action!

Enjoy a sample about "Colors" in Spanish.

Word Power

Enrichment Made Easy.

The Old Way

Do It Yourself

Hire specialized teachers or ask in-house teachers to compile the materials.

  • Limitations with local companies and costs
  • High costs may restrict program scope
  • Stressful external contract management
  • Challenges in finding specialized teachers
  • Compiling materials is time-consuming
  • Confusion in online program searches
  • Discontents impact the school's standing

The New Way

Zid Zid

Access a complete range of beloved and impactful enrichment programs.

  • Time and cost-saving all-in-one package
  • Empower teachers with easy integration
  • Flexible service agreements
  • Trusted and loved by educators and children
  • Modern solution created by experts — not AI
  • Boost learning and engage parents
  • Enhance the school's ranking and reputation

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Doesn't Burden Teachers

Teachers don't perceive Zid Zid as “one more thing added to their plate”; quite the opposite, they feel empowered!

Zid Zid makes a teacher's life easier by providing a wide range of easy-to-integrate resources that enhance learning outcomes effortlessly.

Seamless Curriculum Integration

Teachers are masters of their classrooms, and Zid Zid aligns perfectly with what they already do, allowing them to introduce new skills smoothly. They get a readily available "toolkit" to enhance their daily lesson plans as needed.

Take control of the quality of your enrichment programs!

Teachers & Kids Love It, Parents Too!

Teachers, kids, and parents love Zid Zid because of its authentic and inclusive approach. Zid Zid offers a unique blend of learning tools based on hand-crafted illustrations and animations, lovable songs, beautiful stories, and curated creative activities.

Built On Best Practices

Zid Zid is centered around a whole child approach to education and fosters human interactions, not screen time, including the following:

  1. Sensory integration

  2. Use of didactic materials

  3. Creativity with everyday objects

  4. Blending audio and visual learning

  5. Peer-to-peer learning

  6. Evaluating readiness to progress

  7. Engaging with parents

Save Money & Improve Outcomes

Thanks to our nimble approach and cutting-edge technology, we can deliver innovative programs affordably without compromising on the excellence of our offerings.