About Us

Our online platform equips classroom teachers with a play-based toolkit to boost learning outcomes, enhance a center reputation, and increase enrollment.

Our Story

Zid Zid's journey began in 2017 with a challenge and a clear vision. Recognizing the vital role of top-notch enrichment programs in shaping young minds, our founders, Moulay Essakalli and Julie Klear Essakalli, set out to transform early childhood education.

Traditional enrichment methods often involved costly outsourcing, hiring specialized teachers, or the painstaking task of gathering materials in-house. These approaches, while well-meaning, have limitations that could affect children’s learning outcomes and school ranking.

Zid Zid was born as an innovative online enrichment platform solution, making it easier for teachers, administrators, and school owners to integrate high-quality enrichment programs effortlessly and affordably.

What is Zid Zid?

Zid Zid is an innovative online enrichment platform transforming early childhood learning. Our mission is to equip educators with the tools and confidence to offer outstanding enrichment programs for children aged 6 months to 6 years.

Teachers quickly embrace Zid Zid because it empowers them to seamlessly integrate enrichment resources into daily lessons, enhancing the educational journey. Think of Zid Zid as a comprehensive toolkit that will offload some of teachers’ planning responsibilities and inspire their practices through the use of teacher's tutorials, a vast library of creative activities, extensive vocabulary resources, creative story-telling, and original songs, all centered around play-based pedagogy.

We are committed to making enrichment accessible to every child, nurturing school readiness and a lifelong love for learning. Join us in redefining early childhood education with innovative teaching tools at Zid Zid.

Meet the Team

At Zid Zid, we're proud to have a dedicated and passionate team committed to reshaping and supporting early childhood education. Our journey is fueled by the expertise and vision of our founders, Moulay Essakalli and Julie Klear Essakalli. Moulay, a seasoned entrepreneur with a background teaching languages and graphic design, and Julie, a talented former preschool teacher, children's book illustrator, and designer lead the way.

Our team extends beyond our founders and includes expert contributors in early childhood education, technology, design, animation, and marketing. Together, we're committed to infuse joy into learning for children everywhere.

Our Impact

Zid Zid's impact on early childhood education is expanding quickly. In a short time, we've empowered over 3,000 teachers and positively impacted the lives of 15,000+ students. With our original resources and a deep commitment to lifelong learning, we're forging a world where every child thrives in both school and life.

We're an integral part of a growing community dedicated to enhancing early childhood education. Together, we're constructing a brighter educational future. We aim to broaden our reach and leave a lasting legacy in early education, ensuring high-quality enrichment education for all.

Our Vision

We're dedicated to empowering ECE teachers with the tools and confidence to guide learning experiences in areas they may not have a background in. Zid Zid makes top-notch enrichment education more accessible and enjoyable for teachers, learners and their families alike.

We promise to keep designing exceptional programs rooted in original storytelling, singing, and creative activities to inspire play, support the whole child, and nurture a lifelong love of learning.