Our Art Program

Curiosity • Imagination • Collaboration

Zid Zid Art invites children to explore, imagine, and collaborate through the magical world of art. Rooted in the creative process, our program engages all senses, nurturing curiosity and fostering the joy of creation. The creative process, inherent to art, has been shown to enhance cognitive development and problem-solving abilities. Hands-on artistic activities align with the principles of embodied cognition, enhancing learning through multisensory experiences. Zid Zid Art sparks curiosity and a lifelong passion for creativity. Join us on this artistic journey, where every child's imagination soars, and the magic of creativity unfolds.

Program Content

QUESTS INCLUDE: Imagine, My World, Look & Find, Colors, Studio, Make, Shape, Observe, Share.
  • 9 Quests (or "Learning Modules)
  • 9 Teacher-led Tutorials
  • 9 Illustrated Stories
  • 9 Illustrated Songs
  • 9 Printable Posters
  • 63 Printable Vocabulary Words
  • 54 Printable Play-Based Art Activities (nature, movement, mindfulness, creativity, imagination)
  • Newsletter with Monthly Themes and Book Recommendations

Sample Quest: “Imagine”

Steps to Art

01: Coaching

In this section, our Creative Director introduces the exciting world of art, providing an overview of the focus of each Quest.

01: Interactive Vocabulary

New materials and concepts that go across the curriculum are emphasized within the selection of vocabulary found in each Quest.

Art Imagine Vocab

02: Storytelling

In each Quest, you'll explore a captivating art story that ignites creativity and enhances artistic vocabulary, creating an enriching artistic experience.

03: Sing-Along

A thematic song is tied to each Quest. These songs will enhance understanding and appreciation of artistic concepts, adding a melodic dimension to your creative journey.

04: Library of Activities

There is a variety of hands-on artistic activities in each Quest that compliment your classroom's educational goals, fostering creativity and self-expression. Here’s an example:

Sample Activity

Activity Name


Activity Description

This activity focuses on creativity, fine motor skills, and communication centered on defining our unique qualities.

Activity Instructions

Skill level: Easy

Time: 15-45 minutes

Goal/Outcomes: To create a self-portrait and discuss observations.


  • Cut out cardboard circles 8x8 inches.
  • Twine attached to each circle.
  • Mixed drawing materials (markers, paint sticks, pencils).
  • Mixed collage materials (magazine scraps, stickers, tape, glue sticks, colorful paper).

Art Process:

We are all so unique and beautifully different! Together, talk about each facial feature that makes us unique. Hair color, eye color, skin color.

With ideas in mind, take each circle, and create a unique self-portrait using mixed materials provided.

Hang and display each portrait and discuss observations. Share how unique each of us are, and how special we are!

Why Zid Zid Art?

Developing a rich exploratory art environment helps a child develop an innate ability to create, expand imagination, and live in magic. With Zid Zid, children will explore new materials, turn the everyday world around them into art, and be in a place where possibilities are endless.

Our newest program is rooted in the creative process that engages all five senses, leads with curiosity and embraces the process of making. Built upon decades of early childhood art practice, delightful handmade Zid Zid illustrations bring to life the creative process through stories & songs, and branches out to an exciting library of easy, process-based art activities, accessible to all levels.

Zid Zid Art aligns with kindergarten readiness skills, we work to support a child’s innate creativity and build the imagination along with important fine motor skills. Zid Zid Art has been made with the same love and attention as our award winning Zid Zid Spanish Program.

Details of the full program and team are available upon request.