Our Nature Program

Earth • Growth • Life Cycles

Zid Zid Nature's immersive approach invites children to explore the earth through hands-on experiences, they discover life cycles, seeds, plants, and the wonders of growth. Our program is designed to unlock scientifically proven benefits of nature based education, enhancing cognitive development, reducing stress, promoting physical health, and instilling environmental awareness. By joining us on this journey, children will experience firsthand how our program nurtures these educational benefits, ensuring that their connection with the world flourishes, and the wonder of nature unfolds. Additionally, deep dives for older learners will foster kindergarten readiness skills.

Program Content

QUESTS INCLUDE: Imagine, Our Earth, Plan & Plot, Let’s Plant, Grow, Garden Creatures, Recycle, Share, My Garden.
  • 9 Quests (or "Learning Modules)
  • 9 Teacher-led Tutorials
  • 9 Illustrated Stories
  • 9 Illustrated Songs
  • 9 Printable Posters
  • 63 Printable Vocabulary Words
  • 54 Printable Garden Activities
  • Newsletter with Monthly Themes and Book Recommendations

Sample Quest: “Plan & Plot”

Steps to Nature

01: Coaching

In this section, our naturalist guide provides an introduction to the enchanting world of the great outdoors, offering insights into the focus of each Quest.

01: Interactive Vocabulary

Tools unique to gardening as well as vocabulary spanning science and inquiry topics are woven throughout the Quests and can be utilized for labeling, word recognition, representational identification, and more.

Nature Vocab

02: Storytelling

In every Quest, our enchanting nature stories serve as engaging educational tools, sparking curiosity and enhancing vocabulary while immersing learners in the natural world.

03: Sing-Along

A thematic song is woven into every Quest, enhancing understanding and appreciation of the natural world, infusing melody into your exploration while reinforcing vocabulary.

04: Library of Activities

Each Quest offers a variety of hands-on outdoor and indoor activities that can be customized to align with your state and programmatic standards encouraging a deeper connection and understanding of nature. Here’s an example:

Sample Activity

Activity Name

Create a Sun Map

Activity Description

This activity develops observation skills, science skills, and fosters collaboration.

Activity Instructions

Skill level: Easy

Time: 5 minutes, ongoing over the course of the day, and the season

Goal/Outcomes: To observe and reflect sun levels relative to our designated growing area for our gardens.

Materials: A shared notebook

Do: Together, stop during the day to observe where the sun lands in our designated garden space. Is it very sunny the whole day? Is it sunny only in the morning? OR is there almost no sun? Let’s notice, observe and record.

Talk about where the sun goes during the day, and then, during each season. Does it get very cold where you are?

Why Zid Zid Nature?

Stepping into the potential of a garden, a child will have the opportunity to care for the earth through developing early gardening skills. The whole earth is a garden waiting for our love and care! Through Zid Zid, children will jump straight into digging into the dirt, learning about life cycles, exploring different seeds, plants, creatures, and growing!

Embracing small spaces both indoors and out, Zid Zid Nature program features our colorfully illustrated stories, songs and easy tutorials, and extends out to a rich library of very simple and accessible garden based projects, designed for all levels.

Zid Zid Nature is built around kindergarten readiness skills, supporting climate action, social responsibility, and building deep bonds with the environment around us. Zid Zid Nature also embraces the magic of the earth, and echoes our other well-loved Zid Zid Programs.

Details of the full program and team are available upon request.