Our Spanish Program

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Zid Zid's Spanish language program for children is built upon well-established research-based principles. The repetition of stories and memorization of songs have been shown to strengthen neural pathways, aiding language retention and long-term memory. The benefits of hands-on, creative activities align with the principles of embodied cognition, enhancing language learning through multisensory experiences. Furthermore, learning a new language is known to foster cognitive flexibility, problem-solving abilities, empathy, and critical thinking. Experience holistic child development with our research-backed language learning approach!

Program Content

QUESTS INCLUDE: Colors, My Family, Five Senses, Goodbye, Hello, My Body, Numbers 1-10, Seasons, Shapes, Favorite Foods, Manners, Special Pets, More Shapes, My Emotions, In Order, More Family, My House, Numbers 11-20.
  • 18 Quests (Learning Modules)
  • 18 Teacher-led Vocabulary Tutorials
  • 18 Illustrated Stories
  • 18 Illustrated Songs
  • 100+ Printable Vocabulary Words
  • 216+ Printable Play-Based Activities
  • Ongoing Newsletter with Monthly Themes & Book Recommendations

Sample Quest: “My Family”

Spanish steps

01: Coaching

In this short video, Sam, your Zid Zid Spanish Coach, introduces vocabulary related to a common ECE topic: My Family. Your coach covers word pronunciation and offers teaching tips for new and experienced teachers.

01: Interactive Vocabulary

In English, we learn to speak by integrating vocabulary in context. Zid Zid’s approach mirrors this process by weaving 8-10 Spanish vocabulary words through every piece of a Quest to gain authentic and meaningful exposure to the language.

Spanish Vocab

02: Storytelling

There is a creative bilingual story in each Quest to seamlessly weave vocabulary into age-appropriate narratives that captivate both children and adults.

03: Sing-Along

Each Quest provides a song that serves as a powerful tool for enhancing language acquisition, as they emphasize key vocabulary within the natural context of the language.

04: Library of Activities

A key aspect of each Quest is the library of play-based creative activities that reinforce Spanish vocabulary and are customizable to your classroom's educational goals. Here’s an example:

Sample Activity

Activity Name

Family Tree

Activity Description

This creative activity reinforces vocabulary and promotes family ties.

Activity Instructions

Materials needed:

  • Colored construction paper
  • Writing tool
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • White paper with a tree trunk drawn or brown paper


  1. Send home colored papers with each child
  2. Have each member of their family trace their hand on a different color paper
  3. Have the child bring back all tracings
  4. Cut each out and label: "Mamá", "papá", "hermano", "hermana", "bebé", "yo"
  5. On a large piece of white paper, draw the trunk of a tree or glue one down with brown paper
  6. Have the child glue each hand and place it around the top of their family tree
  7. Display the colorful family trees around the room!

Why Zid Zid Spanish?

Exposure to another language at an early age broadens a child’s world through the use of new sounds, concepts, and enriching experiences. With Zid Zid, children will develop Spanish vocabulary, empathy and critical thinking skills through play, and explore topics such as: discovering wild animals, counting 1-20, colors, shapes, and so much more.

Charming handmade Zid Zid illustrations pave the way to create language learning opportunities through bilingual stories, songs, and play-based activities. Our signature program leverages the Montessori Method and the Reggio Emilia approach to make learning Spanish engaging and accessible to all levels.

Zid Zid Spanish integrates topics currently being covered in English, so that it is not one more thing on teachers’ plates, but rather can easily weave into their planning and align to state and programming standards and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) language learning framework. Targeted for ages 3-5 years old, but easily differentiated for younger and older learners, Zid Zid builds on kindergarten readiness skills and supports a child’s innate play patterns.

Available on our well-loved platform, Zid Zid encourages language exposure and cognitive brain building, as well as scaffolds educators with or without a Spanish background as it seamlessly fits into daily lesson plans.

Details of the full program and team are available upon request.