Our Yoga Program

Breath • Balance • Coordination

Zid Zid Yoga offers a holistic approach that transcends mere physical postures. Rooted in extensive research and theory, our program seamlessly blends charming, handmade illustrations with essential, child-friendly poses, calming meditations, grounding techniques, and playful activities. This unique combination ensures that yoga becomes accessible and enjoyable for learners of all levels.

Program Content

QUESTS INCLUDE: Hero, Lion, Peace, Feather, Mountain, Tree, Triangle, Butterfly, Rainbow.
  • 9 Quests (or "Learning Modules)
  • 9 Teacher-led Tutorials
  • 9 Illustrated Stories
  • 9 Illustrated Songs
  • 9 Printable Posters
  • 63 Printable Vocabulary Words
  • 54 Printable Play-Based Activities (art, nature, movement, mindfulness)
  • Newsletter with Monthly Themes and Book Recommendations

Sample Quest: “Lion”

Steps to Yoga

01: Coaching

Every Quest starts with Mercedeh, our expert yoga instructor, skillfully leading teachers and children through yoga poses with warmth and engaging knowledge.

Interactive Vocabulary

Yoga offers a unique entry point to weave in higher order adjectives into a young learner’s vocabulary. Descriptions of what it means to be a Lion, such as powerful, steadfast, courageous, etc., can enrich their speech while also serving as grounding concepts when emotions are heightened.

Yoga Vocab

02: Storytelling

Within every Quest, you'll discover original yoga narratives that promote mindfulness, creativity, and vocabulary enrichment.

03: Sing-Along

In each Quest, our yoga songs lead learners through guided poses and mindfulness activities, making the practice enjoyable and instructive.

04: Library of Activities

There is a library of yoga activities in each Quest that adds playful elements to pose practice, mindfulness, and promotes emotional intelligence. Here’s an example:

Sample Activity

Activity Name

Animal Kingdom

Activity Description

Meditation - This activity encourages self-reflection, calming techniques and the imagination.

Activity Instructions

We can practice sitting, or laying down for this meditation. Let's pause to practice our ability to meditate and calm our minds and bodies. As we complete our Lion Pose, let’s close our eyes and imagine we are proud and strong animals.

Let’s fill our bodies with strength and pride and feel the love and caring of the natural world around us.

Breathe in, and imagine...

Breathe out, pause, reflect and imagine...

Let’s now try being a different animal, and imagine our strength and pride.

Breathe in, and imagine...

Breathe out, pause, reflect and imagine...

Why Zid Zid Yoga?

The ancient practice of yoga helps a child develop awareness, support concentration, and builds important social emotional wellbeing. With Zid Zid, children will delight in discovering how to become a powerful lion, stretch to the sky to become a tall blossoming tree, engage in being all colors of the rainbow, and more.

Built upon extensive research and theory, charming handmade Zid Zid illustrations are paired with essential, child-friendly poses, calming meditations, plus grounding techniques and engaging play-based activities to make yoga easy and accessible to all levels.

Zid Zid Yoga aligns with kindergarten readiness skill building, supports a child’s innate play patterns and encourages physical and SEL (Social Emotional Learning) development. Built with the same care as our popular Zid Zid Spanish Program.

Details of the full program and team are available upon request.