Play with Languages

There are many benefits, beyond becoming bilingual, to learning another language through real-world play.

Enhance verbal skills

Strengthen motor skills

Improve problem solving

Instill confidence




Sharpen social skills
Jennifer Jensen
Head of Lower School at Cincinnati Country Day

“I think Zid Zid is an innovative approach to world language learning and is perfectly aligned with our vision and goals as a progressive school, where play and curiosity are the drivers for knowledge acquisition.”

Learning By Doing

Enjoy language-rich playful activities with your child using all 5 senses.

Morgan Mulvihill
Mother of three

“Our three children loved Zid Zid’s engaging, creative, and fun approach to hands-on learning. As parents, we couldn’t be more excited about the collaborative learning experience that allowed us to engage with the kids in a way where the whole family learned together!”

Learning Languages Is An Asset

Children who speak more than one language outperform their peers in academics, cognitive, emotional, and social areas.

Child & Parent Interplay Is Crucial

Play-based learning and positive interactions with children are an important part of their development and success.

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