How Does Learning Another Language Really Benefit Young Children?

How Does Learning Another Language Really Benefit Young Children?

Learning a second language at an early age brings profound benefits that last a lifetime. The most obvious impacts come in the form of measurable outcomes, like improved school readiness and performance. But multilingual children also experience intangible advantages, such as improved soft skills, better social abilities, and increased self-confidence.

Compared to their peers who only speak one language, multilingual children show greater reading, writing and math skills, generally resulting in higher test scores and better performance in school. Additionally, learning another language has been shown to result in improved concentration, critical thinking, and comprehension in young children. These cognitive benefits last throughout the school years, establishing a love of learning and setting the stage for prolonged academic success and achievement.

Why Is Preschool The Best Time For Kids To Learn Another Language?

Young kids are hungry for new knowledge and eager to take on new challenges. Preschool students love to learn and grow and aren’t intimidated by the fear of making mistakes. As with any skill, starting early also allows more time to develop a deeper understanding of the language and culture being shared. In fact, children use the same part of their brain to learn additional languages that they use to learn their first, boosting their ability to grasp new concepts and ideas.

Foreign language learning also introduces new cultures and ways of life, providing students with an invaluable global perspective. Multilingual children exhibit improved emotional and social competence, a more accepting worldview and a greater capacity for empathy. These qualities are crucial ingredients for developing compassionate, forward-thinking kids.

Zid Zid Raises Smarter, Global Kids

Zid Zid knows the lifetime impact of language learning. Our mission is to make it easier for teachers and parents to provide language learning opportunities to preschool kids. Zid Zid’s comprehensive platform offers all of the benefits listed above, plus the added bonuses that come with learning together through play.

Our approach to early language learning improves kids’ creative abilities and mental flexibility, and teachers and parents have already noticed results. Kids are already speaking, singing and playing together in Spanish! Zid Zid is doing our part to help create a generation of smarter, global kids.

How Does Learning Another Language Really Benefit Young Children?

For a truly holistic language learning experience, lessons from school should be supported and reinforced…

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