How is Zid Zid Better Than What I’m Using Now?

How is Zid Zid Better Than What I’m Using Now?

Zid Zid is the best, most comprehensive early language learning platform available. No other program offers a full, ready-to-use curriculum, hands-on activities, and a constructive connection between school and home.

Guided by best practices in early childhood education, Zid Zid engages all five senses through play-based learning and exercises. In addition to improved communication skills, students see benefits in eight categories that are crucial to their development.

Plus, Zid Zid is the only language learning program that utilizes technology to bridge school and home learning. When parents participate in the learning experience, teachers are supported outside of the classroom and kids develop a deep love for learning and discovery.

School Readiness

Kids enjoy learning through our age-appropriate bilingual songs, stories, hands-on activities, games, and more.

Happy Teachers

We make it easy for teachers to implement Zid Zid and enjoy a comprehensive teaching approach by inspiring parents to continue the learning at home,

Social and Emotional Growth

Zid Zid’s collaborative approach promotes child-to-adult and peer-to-peer interactions, allowing kids to thrive.

Happy Parents

Parents want their children to learn other languages, so they love watching their little ones speak, sing, and learn another language.

Confident Kids

Zid Zid helps children learn faster and retain longer; in just a few weeks they will begin speaking Spanish outside of the classroom.

Higher Enrollment

Zid Zid Spanish program will help your school to stand out among other schools and rise above the rest.

A Unique Advantage for Your School

Zid Zid’s robust program is the first of its kind and gives schools an exclusive offering that enhances the abilities of educators while attracting and retaining students. Teachers appreciate the platform’s ease of use and the ability for parents to reinforce lessons at home. Parents enjoy participating in the learning process and watching their kids voluntarily using what they’ve learned! Zid Zid’s approach offers several benefits beyond those of other language learning options.

Comparing Language-Learning Options

No other platform does what Zid Zid can do. With Zid Zid, kids are learning faster, retaining more and speaking and singing Spanish outside of the classroom! With an easy-to-use, comprehensive curriculum and proven results, Zid Zid is the new standard of early language learning.

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How is Zid Zid Better Than What I’m Using Now?

Zid Zid is the best, most comprehensive early language learning platform available…

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